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A small but helpful change for booking credits

Apr 15, 2015

Many of you Cobot users have set up plans for your coworkers that include free booking credits. It’s a great way to balance charging members for rooms while giving them some free time as well. In order to avoid any future confusion in the accounting, we have made a small change.

How it was before

In the past, situations like this may have arised: in February, your coworker booked a meeting room for two hours, taking place in the first week of April. Their plan included two free booking credits (or two hours) per month. So if this were the only booking your coworker made in February, they wouldn’t have to pay for the booking.

In March the coworker, who booked the meeting room, changed to a lower plan which only has one hours of booking credits instead of two. Before the change, the booking credits from that new plan were applied, which meant that your coworker would have had to pay for one hour of their two-hour meeting room booking.

How it works today

The change of plans as we presented in our example often caused confusion in the accounting of free booking credits. Now, the price of a booking won’t change after it has been made. Cobot just uses the plan that was active when the booking was made, rather than the new one. Coming back to our example, this means that the coworker who booked the meeting room in February would not have to pay for the second hour of their two-hour meeting, because in the coworking plan they were on in February, two free booking credits were still included.

We hope this change will provide more clarity while working with free booking credits. Let us know what you think by writing to

Your Cobot-team!


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