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A plea for global co/networking

May 29, 2015

This year, global connectedness has been a key topic in many national and international conferences and meetups. It’s something that comes up again and again for us as well, not only because of the growing Cobot community, but also because Berlin, home base for Cobot as well as our coworking space, co.up, has quite a coworking scene.


Here in the center of Kreuzberg, for example, betahaus has its origins. We appreciate the friendship and mutual inspiration that has connected our two spaces for a long time. By the way, we’re happy to be supporting betahaus with our management software, as they are one of our newest Cobot users! But also St. Oberholz, Tante Renate and Agora are also a few of the spaces that have given important influence to recent developments here in the city.

Berlin boasts more than 40 coworking spaces at the moment, which makes it the most active coworking area in Germany. It’s exciting to see how many various concepts and sizes you can find here, but what we see as the biggest challenge is keeping abreast of the numerous fantastic projects and interesting people in our neighbouring spaces. This was one of the reasons to start our “Berlin Campaign,” which includes making a tour through all of Berlin’s coworking spaces. No sooner said than done! Our first steps have been rewarded with a warm welcome and many inspiring conversations with the team of Supermarkt, Welance, Coconat, and ESDIP, for example. In the future, we’ll be joining coworking meetups in order to meet the others, and we can’t wait. We have a little thank-you present for all Berlin spaces, too! Have a look here to see what we have for you.

We know our Berlin campaign is just a small initiative, but it could be an important first step to form a global coworking network. We’ve noticed many more efforts to create global connectedness, like Coworking Switzerland and the German Coworking Federation, to name two examples out of thousands. Concerning the German Coworking Federation… the Website is in progress and coming soon. For more information or to join the Federation as a member you can contact the board member Christian Cordes, by writing him an email.

Another project we learned about at GCUC is the worldwide coworking map, organized by Oren Salomon (Fort Work, Dallas). To create the map, he’s looking for city curators who would regularly update all the information provided about the city they live or work in. For more information, please contact Oren directly! The tutorial for city curators you can download here.


By the way, the round table during which Oren presented his project was joined by 11 nations, including Ecuador, Chile, Brasil, the USA, Belgium, France, and Germany. This picture speaks more than a thousand words, we think. We hope to see more exposures of this kind in the future! If you are part of a project you’d like to share, let us know: we would love to help spread the word.


Your Cobot team


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