Product Updates

A few smaller improvements

Apr 29, 2013

While we are all waiting for the next big new feature (it is in the works) here are some smaller improvements we recently added:

  • Payment methods can be hidden from the public now just like plans.
  • You can enter multiple billing addresses per member
  • The name of the tax displayed on invoices can be customized
  • When using apps the Confirm/Reject page now appear only once instead of every time you log in
  • Resources can be made bookable only by admins but visible by everyone
  • In addition to a tax rate your space can have a retention rate, which is used in some countries like Spain
  • Improved display of remaining booking credits. Works for admins, too, now.

As always many of these were influenced by customers talking to us, so if you have something you need just let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Thanks!


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