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30+ Add-ons to Build Your Cobot Experience

Feb 15, 2016

This article is a bit out of date–sorry about that! If you want to learn about our add-ons (always included for free in every subscription) you can learn about them on our add-ons page.

We are gearing up to announce our newest Cobot addon / partnership this coming week. So in advance, we thought we would remind you about the 30+ add-ons that we already have.

Cobot Wi-Fi Integrations

We have two partners to provide Wi-Fi access and tracking into Cobot. Cloudessa allows you to integrate Cobot with your existing RADIUS enabled router. Linewize’s Netbox gives you a plug and play device that is setup to integrate with Cobot out-of-the-box. The integration means Wi-Fi access is only provided to your members and attendance tracking is automated.

Cobot Communication Integrations

Maintaining communication channels with your members is an important part of any coworking space. Not only does Cobot offer Email, Messaging and a Help Desk within the system, we also offer these external integrations with Facebook, Slack and MailChimp to keep your communication synced with your active members.

Analytics and Accounting within Cobot

Within Cobot we provide the Analytics reports that you need to keep track of your space on a daily basis — Member, Plan Changes, Revenue, Attendance and Resource Use. A .csv download of that information is available equipped with Accounting Codes. Almost all accounting can accept that as a direct import or programs for billing/tracking or an Analytics Visualization program. We also have a direct export/import functionality built for Xero and Quickbooks.

Cobot Add-Ons

In addition to the core features that all spaces require, our spaces require quite a few additional features that are space specific. A simple click or setup process (at no additional cost) will bring the add-on into your space. (

Our 30 Add-ons include:

  • Coworkers (Member Profiles, Viewable and option to embed on your public website)
  • Events (Create internal events, ticket sales added to Cobot invoices)
  • Office Space (Track limited resources in your space by assigning to members)
  • RFID (Use RFID Scan, your own Wi-Fi tracking to regulate access to your space)
  • Reminders (Send invoice reminders in advance of your billing date)
  • Additional Analytics Reports: Charges, Extras, Check-in Summaries, Outstanding Invoices, Plan Changes, Plans over Time, and Outstanding Time-Passes
  • Google Calendar Sync

Additional Integrations and Customizations

Zapier is a system that allows you to create automated processes (registrations, emails, value changes) between applications. Cobot allows its base data to be released into this “network of applications”. More applications are constantly being added, but some key connections with Cobot are:

  • CRM systems (Salesforce, Capsule, Hubspot, Highrise)
  • Digital Document Signing (Docusign, Knack, HelloSign)
  • Booking Reminders (Google Calendar, Direct Email)
  • Event Management (Eventbrite, Meetup,
  • Email Marketing (Mailchimp, Gmail, Direct Email)
  • Instant Messaging (Slack, Hipchat, SMS)
  • Project Management (Trello, Podio, Smartsheet)
  • Survey (Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo)

Open API

Additionally, almost all the information in Cobot is also available for individual customization and programming through our APIs (

Cobot spaces have their own integration to have automatic plan registration when they rent a room in their hotel, custom reports and space networks that built their own User Experience and tie to Cobot for all of their behind-the-scenes processing. We are here to support you however you want to use the Cobot system.

The Philosophy of Cobot

You have probably heard from us before, Cobot is built to be simple and easy to get started out of the box. As your space grows or you need more functionality, you can add modules via our free addons, so that your Cobot system is exactly what you need, no more, no less.

Simple, clean, powerful.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

- Leonardo da Vinci

Happy coworking,

Your Cobot Team


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