Product Updates

New Pricing

Aug 1, 2011

We just released our new pricing. We now have a tiered model with 5 plans. Each plan limits the no. of coworkers you can have.

As before there are no extra charges for “premium features” and you won’t be charged for coworkers that only use day passes (no monthly charge).

For most spaces this is a price reduction — the larger the space the lower the per coworker cost. The only exception is that the minimum charge will be $35/month.

The reasons for the changes are as follow:

  • We constantly get question on cobot’s pricing — a lot of people expect an overview of the price plans — we have that now. The switch will make it simpler for new customers to understand cobot. Being different is not always a
    good idea.
  • Larger spaces have been hesitant to sign up because if they would grow too big (say > 300 coworkers) they would be paying loads of money. Now they know they will never have to pay more than $300.
  • We also have quite a few spaces that hardly pay us anything because they use only day passes. While this is basically fine it means we are giving away our service for free to some spaces where others have to pay. Our minimum charge of $35 will make that a bit more fair.

Please note that for existing customers nothing will change — you can stay on your current plan (price per coworker) for as long as you want, but you will also have the option to switch.


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